Tuesday Tips from Kelly Miragliotta

By January 17, 2017Stories
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It’s Tuesday, so that can only mean one thing: CancerCon VIP Club fundraising tips! This week, community member and steering-committee-plan-jammer-extraordinaire Kelly Miragliotta shares with us her best fundraising tips!

“The CancerCon VIP club is an awesome way to not only fund your trip to CancerCon, but also give others the opportunity to go!

When I said I would raise $2, 000 I thought I was out of my mind. But once I got started, it turned out, it was actually pretty easy!

These are some of my best fundraising tips:

  1. Ask and you shall receive:

This goes for business, family, friends, and strangers. Friends and family want to support you. Harness that.

2. Take advantage of ‘Charity Nights’:

Did you know some businesses have a set amount of ‘charity nights’ that they must host each month? Me neither! Take advantage of that. Go into a franchise’s local store and ask!”

Check back here next Tuesday to see the other half of Kelly’s Tuesday Tips!

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