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Comfort Bags are a major project of Alli’s Journey: we supply bags filled with useful, entertaining and helpful items to young adults undergoing treatment for cancer.

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Alli’s Journey’s flagship project is the creation and distribution of Comfort Bags.

We will supply Alli’s Comfort Bags to young adult cancer patients beginning their treatment. These comfort bags include a variety of items meant to amuse, support, educate and comfort the young adult cancer patient. Hard-working volunteers are constantly at work securing donations for the bags and filling them with various items, such as toiletries, books, etc.

In addition to being distributed at Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre and Wellspring Cancer Support Centres, the Alli’s Journey comfort bags will now be distributed to young adult cancer patients at Princess Margaret Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital!

If you have any products that you believe that we can get donated, please send an email to us at

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I am so grateful that someone is thinking of me, and truly gets how awful treatment is, and what can help pass the time. Small pieces of comfort. Thank you to Alli’s Journey for being so thoughtful, and trying to ensure other young adults are supported and cared for!

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging group volunteer opportunity while making an impact? Help us build Comfort Bags with your group. There are no limits to group sizes; whether your group is 5 or 500, you can help us, help our community!


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