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Alli Shapiro Amar

Our Story

Alli’s Journey is a non-profit, charitable organization that was created by a young woman named Alli Shapiro Amar. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 19. While enduring 7 years of treatment, Alli and her mother, Pam Shainhouse, noticed the lack of resources for young adults with cancer and were determined to do something about it.

Alli’s Journey is determined to support the young adult cancer population, ages 18-35, through initiatives such as our Comfort Bags project. We are determined to let young people know that the community cares about their fight. Since its launch in 2006, Alli’s Journey supporters have grown and we are thrilled to continue supporting the young adult cancer community in any way we can.

A Message From Alli

President’s Message

I remember standing by my daughter Alli’s side as she spoke about how she was one of the lucky ones. Alli was someone who felt that she was never alone as she went through her seven – year battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She knew that there were so many who had to brace their cancer diagnosis on their own. This was why Alli realized that she had to be at the helm of a charity that supported these young adults. Unfortunately, seven weeks after the launch of Alli’s Journey, June 1, 2006, Alli passed away.

Fourteen years later, the Board of Directors, along with our dedicated donors keep Alli’s dream alive. To date, we have raised in excess of $300,000 for initiatives for the young adult cancer (18-35) population. Now, we concentrate all of our time to raise funds for our comfort bag initiative. The Board has decided that this is where we can make the most impact.

Although, due to the Federal Healthcare Privacy Act, we never know who directly receives our bags, but what we do know is that our partner Princess Margaret Hospital depends on this programme.

Now with COVID 19, our face to face fundraising efforts have been put on the back burner, with no date in the horizon of bringing them forward. The only way to raise the money for 250 bags is through our one to one comfort bag campaign. We are a Board with only seven members, so we have to depend on our past, current and future donors.

Our bags are only $25.00. We hope that you take the opportunity of buying a bag or two to honour a loved one, in testimony or in memory. Please take a look at the items we need for our bags, and if you can help us with an in-kind donation, terrific!

We know that this year is going to be a difficult one, but we are not giving up, because we cannot give up. Young adult cancer is not giving up. We are determined to let young people know that we care and always will.

Pamela Shainhouse, President

Comfort Bags

Alli’s Journey’s flagship project is the creation and distribution of Comfort Bags to young adult cancer patients beginning their treatment.

These comfort bags include a variety of items meant to amuse, support, educate and comfort the young adult cancer patient. Hard-working volunteers are constantly at work securing donations for the bags and filling them with various items, such as toiletries, books, etc.

If you have any products that you believe that we can get donated, please send an email to us at

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Support Alli’s Journey and Donate a Comfort Bag Today

Board of Directors

  • Pamela Shainhouse, President
  • Jordan Shapiro, Treasurer
  • Samuel Allemang, Secretary
  • Albert La Penna, Member
  • Anna Khan, Member
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Alli’s Journey
71 Charles Street East, #806
Toronto ON
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