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Mindfulness Based

Art Therapy

Mindfulness "... a state of consciousness, one characterized by attention to present experience with a stance of open curiosity. It is a quality of attention that can be brought to any experience" (Smalley and Winston, 2010: 6)

Qualities essential to being mindful are deeply rooted in the art making process. "... art therapies cultivate mindfulness, present-moment awareness, compassion, and insight, and ways that mindfulness fosters awareness of and attunement with the creative pulse of life itself" (Rappaport, 2014: 4).

Mindfulness based art therapy combines mindfulness practices and the creative process with the support of a certified art therapist.

In this program, you will be offered a guided meditation and mindfulness teachings. Art therapist, Jess, aims to provide a safe, non-judgemental and contained space where you will be offered art materials to explore your inner dialogue. Together we will explore our breath through the creative process using a variety of mediums. Our main directive will focus on a mindful body scan. Art therapist, Jess, will guide you through a short meditation as we bring awareness to sensations with compassion, softness and curiosity.

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Jessika Welch

Art Therapist

Jessika Welch (she/her) was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and migrated to Canada in 2014. Jess first completed her BFA in Drawing and Painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She then studied at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, and completed her Master’s level diploma in Art Therapy.

Today, Jessika works at The Hospital for Sick Children on the Creative Arts Therapy team, as an Art Therapist. With Art Therapy, Jessika aspires to facilitate emotional healing and wellness informed by humanistic principals of empathy, compassion and unconditional positive regard. Jessika supports her clients in building upon existing tools in order to promote well-being and self-reliance. She aims to encourage creative exploration and expression of the inner dialogue that inspires new and hopeful perspectives. Jessika’s approach is person- centered and individualized as she hopes to meet the unique needs of each client. She works collaboratively and cultivates creative experiences to help bring strengths to light. If Jess is not making art or listening to music, she is reading, cooking or spending time with loved ones!

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