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Alli’s Journey has filled a very important gap in AYA cancer care. Given that a cancer diagnosis is often unexpected, the bags provide helpful gear to make the hospital experience easier. Younger adults are so thankful for these and I regularly encounter patients in hospital visits following continuing to use items from the bag.

Laura Mitchell, RN, MN, CON(c)Clinical Nurse Specialist, AYA Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Receiving this bag at the time of my diagnosis was very helpful and helped me feel better during my month in the hospital. Thank you for providing this and for connecting me to this resource as so go through my journey

AnonymousComfort Bag Recipient

I chose Alli’s Journey because when people are suffering, we can’t take away their pain, but we can do our best to give them comfort and kindness.


I am so grateful that someone is thinking of me, and truly gets how awful treatment is, and what can help pass the time. Small pieces of comfort. Thank you to Alli’s Journey for being so thoughtful, and trying to ensure other young adults are supported and cared for!

AnonymousComfort Bag Recipient
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