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[fusion_text]Once again, for the fourth year, ‘Take My Hand’ presented the best in Canadian musical talent at the North York performing arts centre in Toronto on May 27, 2009. The night began with indie upstarts Rock Plaza Central, whose rendition of ‘My Children Be Joyful’ signaled the theme of the night that lasted throughout the nine performances. This was followed with Ian Thomas, Kellylee Evans, Megan Hamilton and Page. Again, the driving force of the night was diversity, as hip-hop, ethereal indie, bedroom folk and jazz classicism took their turns on stage, whisked in and out by comedian Elvira Kurt’s gags. Again it was a triumph, as it has been for four years running. A legacy is forming. Read about the artists and see pictures from the May 2009 concert below!

This year, proceeds from the concert will support new Alli’s Journey comfort bags, as well as a room for young adults in the Wellspring location at Sunnybrook Hospital. Stay tuned to the website for more information!

Click to learn more about the one of the featured Artists:

Good times, good friends and a successful evening for Alli’s Journey and our causes. Thank you to all!![/fusion_text]

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