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2023 President’s Letter

By October 30, 2023No Comments

Throughout Alli’s personal journey for her cancer treatment, a seven-year ordeal, she never felt sorry for herself. Pity moments were few and far between. Alli fought a strong fight, a fight that every young adult with cancer is fighting now. Alli never had to fight alone, family support was always there.

However, Alli knew that so support was essential to a strong fight and she had to be at the helm of a charity that supported these young adults. Unfortunately, seven weeks after the launch of Alli’s Journey, on June 1, 2006, Alli passed away.

Seventeen years later, the Board of Directors, volunteers, donors and sponsors alike keep Alli’s support of young adults with cancer alive.

We are concentrating our fund-raising initiatives on two programs:

  • Began in 2014 – Comfort Bag Initiative: To date, we continue to raise money and distribute Comfort Bags for the young adult cancer (18-35) population.  We are working with the AYA programme (Adolescent and Young Adult) based out of Princess Margaret Hospital. We are honored to lend our support to three hospitals, Princess Margaret, Sunnybrook and Southlake. We will add more hospitals as AYA expands.
  • Began in 2023 – The AYA Art Therapy Program.  We are pleased to announce a new initiative in support of young adults with cancer: Mindfulness Based Art Therapy in conjunction with Adolescent and Young Adult program (AYA). Mindfulness based art therapy combines mindfulness practices and the creative process in a group session with the support of a certified art therapist.

We deliver approximately 250 bags per year, and now that we are expanding our hospitals we need to raise more money. Please take the time and push the “DONATE” button, every donation you make goes directly to the purchase of what we need. Our administration’s costs are minimal, the Board of Directors does everything. We have no staff. We are a Board with five members, so we must depend on our past, current and future donors.

Our Comfort Bags are only $25.00 each and the Art Therapy Program donation is $50.00 per person for one session, all with a charitable receipt given. We hope that you take the opportunity to buy a bag or two to honour a loved one, in testimony or memory. Please look at the items we need for our bags, and if you can help us with an in-kind donation, terrific!

Times are still challenging, and we know that this year is going to remain to be a difficult one, but we cannot give up. Young adult cancer is not giving up. We are determined to lend our support for those in need.

All the best,

Pamela Shainhouse, President

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